EarlyON Program

Discovering, Developing and Building Connections Together

The EarlyON program provided by Marathon Children and Family Centre offers a community hub where families can make connections and build relationships; a place where families can learn, play, laugh, be curious, make friends and engage with others; play-based learning experiences that allow children to build their sense of belonging and capacity for expression, enhance their own well-being and explore and engage with the world around them; and an opportunity for families to find support, advice, and a network of resources. 
Daily observations are taken in order to ensure that our activities are in tune with the interests of the children. Educators provide a variety of play experiences to satisfy all age groups involved in the program. These experiences incite bonding between parents/caregivers and children to aid in establishing strong and healthy relationships. Advice, resources and support are offered through integral communication between parents/caregivers, educators and community services.

EarlyON Guidelines

EarlyON recognizes that each child and family is competent, capable, curious and rich in experience. We aim to provide an environment that is organized around the four foundations from the Ministry of Education document, “How Does Learning Happen?” which include:

Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression

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Each Hub offers family learning activities as well as informal support groups and workshops for parents and caregivers. Continuous communication between families and staff creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding of your child’s growth and development. Parent input is welcomed and encouraged. 

Participant Confidentiality: It is important to ensure children, families and staff information remains confidential. By attending our programs, families agree to refrain from publicly discussing or posting on social media sites anything regarding children, families or staff. 

Photographs and Videos: Photographs of children and families will be taken by staff and may be used in the program to make learning visible. Parents may only post pictures on Social Media of their own child, unless permission has been granted from other parents. 

Cell Phones: We encourage face to face interactions. Please turn off cell phones and connect with your child and those around you when visiting us. 

Sign In: All participants must sign in upon arrival. 

Snacks/Allergies: The centre will supply a snack and drink during the program. Please ensure not to bring in any items including beverages due to fatal allergies. For the safety of children, please inform staff of any allergies. 

Hand Washing: Please be reminded that hand washing is necessary. Please follow the procedures posted in the washroom. 

Food: Children need to remain seated when eating and drinking within the designated areas. We are breastfeeding friendly.

Diapering: All diaper changes must be done in designated areas following the posted diapering procedure. 

Footwear: All participants must wear socks or indoor shoes while in the program. 

Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to cancel programs and will try to notify families. When the school closes, for PA days or any school breaks, the program will close as care is provided for the school age children. 

Fire Evacuation and Lock Down Procedures: Please sign in each time you attend the program. In the event of an emer-gency evacuation or lockdown, this provides staff with a record of who is in the building. The evacuation procedures and lockdown procedures are posted behind the playroom doors so please familiarize yourself with them. Fire drills are practiced on a monthly basis and lockdown drills are conducted twice a year. 

Supervision of Children: Children are to be supervised by a parent/caregiver at all times. If you need to leave the room, please ask another participant to supervise your child. Staff are not permitted to supervise children in a caregiver’s absence. 

Health Policy: We ask that you do not visit an EarlyON if you or your child is sick. 

If any of the following symptoms are present, the child or adult may be considered ill and therefore not able to participate in the program and will be asked to leave: 

  • Fever 
  • Vomiting/diarrhea 
  • Discharge from eyes/ears/nose 
  • Constant crying 
  • Undetermined or untreated skin rashes, marks and open sores 
  • Lethargy, unusual tiredness, flushed appearance and weakness 
  • Heavy congestion and excessive coughing and sneezing and sore throat 
  • Severe, itchy body or scalp, lice/nits 

Please advise the centre if you or your child has contracted a contagious disease so we may inform other participants. 

Behaviour: All participants are asked to adhere to EarlyON Guidelines that treat all children and adults with respect. Rough play, hitting, biting and throwing are not permitted. 

Other unacceptable behaviours include: 

  • Swearing 
  • Gossiping 
  • Yelling, name-calling, put downs towards children or each other 
  • Smoking/Vaping 
  • Use of alcohol or drugs 
  • Breach of Confidentiality 
  • Disrespect to staff, property or others 
  • Spanking, slapping or any form of physical discipline 

It is the responsibility of everyone at the centre to address when one of the above behaviours has occurred. If these behaviours are repeated, participants may be asked to leave. Staff members will be available to support parents and caregivers. Persistent non-compliance to classroom agreements/guidelines will result in dismissal from using all centre programs including EarlyON as well as Licensed Child Care programs.

Child Protection: It is the responsibility of all staff to immediately report any concerns or suspicions of child abuse or neglect to Child Protection Services. 

Inclusion Policy: We recognize that each family has a diverse range of strengths and needs. We seek to create an environment that accepts and respects differences and embraces diversity. 

Time Table

Time Activity
10:00 a.m. Arrival (Independent monitored play)
10:20 a.m. Tidy-up
10:30 a.m. Snack (Nutritious mid-morning snack)
10:45 a.m. Small Group Activities – Stories, songs, creative art, music and other activities are planned based around the individual child’s interest. Independent monitored play for those children who do not wish to participate in planned activities. Independent monitored play for Infants/Toddlers and sensory experiences based around their interests and development.
11:30 a.m. Tidy-up
12:00 p.m. Home Time for all of our friends