Our Philosophy

Marathon Children and Family Centre enriches the developmental level of each child by consistently meeting the individual needs of all children while also interactively engaging with them to formulate learning plans based on their interests. Educators work together with children and their parents to create educational and stimulating environments which value the individuality of every family. We aim to assist children in every way possible to help them grow, learn and develop.

Natural Learning

Marathon Children and Family Centre is motivated by the Reggio Emilia Principles of learning. These principles are incorporated into our policies. All of our programs are founded upon an optimistic educational environment which includes a homelike atmosphere to entice comfort while also encouraging learning and development. All programs are specifically designed and revamped to meet the needs and interests of the children in order to ensure that all children are individually encouraged to reach their fullest potential. 

Creating environments based on the interests of the children allows them to learn through play. Play experiences involving science, art and technology along with direction and assistance from Early Childhood Educators stimulate certain characteristics within children which work to help children learn, grow and develop. Some of these stimulations include:

  • inquisitiveness, creativity, independence and collaboration with various people including peers, educators and parents
  • self-confidence and positive self-respect through allowing children to act as capable and competent individuals 
  • consideration and investigation of many different materials and their uses/purposes which offers children opportunities of exploration and interaction with a variety of medias
  • consciousness of nature and appreciation of beauty in the sense of art, life, growth, light, order and the natural environment
  • mindfulness of different perspectives and views through the use of transparency and light reflection in mirrors and various objects within the playrooms as well as through the various differing perspectives and ideas among children, educators, parents and visitors    
  • exploration when using resources in unanticipated ways and combining contrasting ideas together 
  • communication abilities and linguistic advancement 
  • the 100 languages of children which refers to inspiring children to symbolize their ideas using the various media provided while also exploring their ideas in several ways through photographic/pictorial arts, songs and melodies, play performances, calculating creation and more